Western culture is waking up to the evolutionary potential of vulnerability.  The impenetrable dominant man is losing its grip as the ideal of human development.  Instead, true maturity is now one who is both externally behaviourally strong, yet also with interior psychological depths.  To be confident, yet also sensitive and complex.  Vulnerability is the keyContinue reading “Vulnerability”

Removal Versus Surrender Healing – Outside to Inside

Holistic integrated psychotherapy uses both removal and surrender healing to achieve the desired therapeutic goal.  The integration of removal and surrender healing brings a rich complexity of healing patterns, specifically applied to each individual person.  Complex healing between the will to remove and overcome, and the faith to surrender to depth and root causes. Initially,Continue reading “Removal Versus Surrender Healing – Outside to Inside”

Removal Versus Surrender Healing Systems – Working Together

     The most complex healing comes from the combination of removal and surrender healing.  Together they hold incredible evolutionary potential.  The goal is to reduce the symptom while connecting somebody to the depth of their being.  For example, removing surface level physical pain is needed in order for depth psychic work.  If a person isContinue reading “Removal Versus Surrender Healing Systems – Working Together”