Removal Versus Surrender Healing Systems – Working Together

     The most complex healing comes from the combination of removal and surrender healing.  Together indexthey hold incredible evolutionary potential.  The goal is to reduce the symptom while connecting somebody to the depth of their being.  For example, removing surface level physical pain is needed in order for depth psychic work.  If a person is experiencing bad pain in their heart, and there is a theme of loss of relationship, then the symptom can be deepened into complex psychic space.  However, if the physical pain is so painful, it makes it very difficult to focus one’s attention towards the psychological hurt.  The person will be stuck in the simplified physical symptom.  Therefore, types of removal energy medicine and naturopathic medicine can help reduce the physical pain.  As this happens the person will have more conscious space to feel the psychological states of loss, grief, and hurt.

         Removal healing can help the surrendering psyche follow the most evolutionary path.   In the mode of surrender lots of different psychic material can flood consciousness.  Removal skills can be used to purge and clear the extraneous information.  For example, the beginning of aindex2 difficult manifesting psychic entity can often have a lot of static and extraneous information, and is a precipitous distraction.  It is like the beginning of a gust of wind, often hitting with more intensity, and from a different direction, than the actual consistent strength behind it.  For example, the beginning of the emergence of a deep state of grief or abandonment, can often have distracting face of anger, making one want to act out.  For example, leaving one’s romantic partner.  However, cognitive removal skills can help one see that this isn’t true.  That it doesn’t rationally make sense.  These extraneous desires can be removed, cleared, and rid of.  As a result, the more lasting, real, and evolutionary consistent story of loss can emerge and can be worked with. 

       Removal and surrender healing are needed in combination.  If the evolutionary symptom isimages3 simply removed, and not psychologized, then the evolutionary value will be lost.  The person will simply just go on with their life, and not be able to learn and grow through heart break.  However, if depth psyche is taken alone, without help with changing the physical pain of the symptom, then no introspection can be held.  Human being are psychic somatic entities.  Specific help with somatic symptom are very helpful when deepening into their psychological root.

     Understanding the themes in one’s life can help differentiate the symptomshearpattern evolutionary value.  For example, if there is pain in one’s heart, and there is a theme of being hurt by other, than the physical heart pain could have psychic depth ‘heart break’ value.  Psychologically exploring the pain could open one up to the full depth of the psychological experience.  The physical symptom is a signpost to explore the root of the problem.  However, with a different person, the pain in one’s heart could simply be a physical phenomenon.  Maybe they ate something that day which gave them heart burn.  Psychologically going into the depth of this symptom would be a waste of time. 

        The act of becoming introspective is a good muscle to build.  However, if one is introspecting a symptom which doesn’t hold meaning and depth within ones psyche, then this is a detour away from something else which holds more evolutionary value.  Understanding one’s thematic life events can help draw connections between what is important and what is not.  It can help discern the evolutionary value of symptoms within both physical, psychological, interpersonal, and real world events.  Having a therapist who understands both removal and surrender healing can help one make these discernments.

The interaction of removal and surrender systems are very complex.  This blog is a peak into this vast territory. Contact me if looking for this type of therapy. 

Published by Ken Walton

I am a psychotherapist, counsellor and yoga therapist working in Toronto. I help people uncover the obstacles that block their growth, helping people reach their full potential. Working together we can help you move through the difficulties of life, and discover a full and joyful future.

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