With over 10 years of clinical experience, and 12 years of training in psychotherapy / psychology, I bring a depth and breadth of experience to provide a holistic and integrative approach.

Maybe you sought happiness through external achievements: academically, socially, financially. Yet perhaps there are also parts of yourself which are still looking to discover their full potential. Many people are seeking a genuine place of healing and growth. That how many of my clients felt before finding the right therapeutic relationship. Psychotherapy provides a place where you can begin to heal the depths of mental your states, and connect you with your authentic self. While praise for external achievements provides us with moments of fleeting happiness, healing the reality of your pain has connects you to a life full of joy and love.

So why choose me as your Psychotherapist?

A holistic approachwapproach with the healing and growth in all aspects of your life. Through addressing the specific mental distress that you bring to therapy, a profound change can happen in all aspects of your being: including your emotions, relationships, and ability for personal growth. Through specifically addressing your acute mental suffering, you have the ability to change all levels of your being, bringing effective lasting healing and growth.

Integrative Psychotherapy uses many different therapeutic modalities. It allows for a tailored therapeutic approach to address your unique issues. For many people Humanistic modalities are important, as it helps work through relationship difficulties. It also specializes in helping you seek the full growth of your being. For others Psychodynamic modalities are helpful to work through issues from past traumas. It addresses the root cause of your difficulties.

I would be happy to answer any questions you might have about psychotherapy, and be an ally in your healing and growth.