Removal Versus Surrender Healing – Outside to Inside

Holistic integrated psychotherapy uses both removal and surrender healing to achieve the imagesdesired therapeutic goal.  The integration of removal and surrender healing brings a rich complexity of healing patterns, specifically applied to each individual person.  Complex healing between the will to remove and overcome, and the faith to surrender to depth and root causes.

Initially, holistic integrated psychotherapy works through healing and removing the problem that people bring to therapy.  This happens through learning new psychological skills, including: working through cognitive distortion, engaging in healthy behaviours, and proper communication.  Working through the ‘problem’ that people bring to therapy to discover a healthy life. 

This health provides the opening for deeper psychic states to images2emerge.  One’s psyche must have the strength and psychological understanding to surrender to the unconscious psychic depths.  A sick body, and neurotic mind, is scared of the unknown.  It perceives the unknown as a threat to its already fragile self.  Therefore, it rigidifies and dissociates away from the depths.  If the abused mind is constantly being bombarded by an abuser, than it can’t let go into its vulnerability.  If the sick body is fed unhealthy food, then it can’t energetically open up.  The psyche and body must initially gain strength to be able to trust new experiences.  To have enough solidity in one’s self to allow the ego to complexify and be relativized by the unconscious depth of being.

 As the surface pain is removed, one can now surrender to the psychic depth that lives underneath.  After the interpersonal abusive relationship is images5index3worked through, one can work on the intrapsychic dynamics.  The deep inner feeling states that often create, and are created, by unhealthy relationships.  For example, the feelings of lovelessness, and abandonment can be worked with on its own accord.  The roots, the history, the spiritual underlay, can manifest and integrate.  Removal healing heals external relationships, allowing surrender healing to heal inner relationships. 

As one’s psychic depth manifests, it is really important to retain the health in one’s external life.  As new psychic material filters into consciousness it can often work through old neurotic patterns.  As inner lovelessness comes into consciousness, one will often move back to clinging onto an old unhealthy relationship.  As the depths manifest one must be careful to keep the manifesting pain intrapsychic.  To deal with the feelings psychically, and not act it out in old behavioural patterns.

Holistic integrated psychotherapy allows people to heal both external and internal relationships.  A dance between learning the egoic skill to remove neurotic lifestyles, and gaining the souls wisdom to know and process the neurotic psychic depths.  Removing to gain health, and surrendering to gain depth.

Contact me to start your journey on this complex and beautiful healing path.


Published by Ken Walton

I am a psychotherapist, counsellor and yoga therapist working in Toronto. I help people uncover the obstacles that block their growth, helping people reach their full potential. Working together we can help you move through the difficulties of life, and discover a full and joyful future.

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