Coming Into the World – Healing From Inside Out

Integrating the depth of your soul into your life is incredibly beautiful.  While psychotherapy often focuses on inner psychic healing, having a guide in your outward 22path is equally important.  This writing highlights this evolutionary edge, showing the common challenges and progressions everybody faces in this movement of depth into life.  Holistic integrated psychotherapy values both the journey within and without.  Enjoy!

At the crux of your inner healing, the coin flips.  The trajectory now becomes about healing relationships in your life.  This inner psychic constellation no longer holds any more secrets, and is simply a dead psychic entity.  A shell, a coming into the worldsphere, which is void inside.  The evolutionary challenge is to find new raw material in life. Forming new personal and professional relationships.  This is your karmic path.   Your true purpose in the world.

Transforming into your life is very exciting.  Creating change from the birth of a new psychic entity creates something fundamentally new in the world.  No longer do you have to use will and force to enact change.  Instead chanellingit is more of a quality of being in the flow, being a vehicle, allowing emergence.  Letting your transformational depths ripple into the world.  This is unlike our common will to create change, which comes more from an egoic place of selfish satisfaction. You are no longer moving a billiard ball around, instead it is discovering a whole new game.  Change coming from the authenticity of your being is revolutionary.

In counterpoint to the excitement, is the reality that moving from internal transformation to external change can also be very boring.  The creative crux of change mechanical wheelin your psyche has already happened.  It is now a painstaking step by step process of bringing this into the material world.  It is no longer the inner dreamscape of dramatic complexity.  Instead, is a more behavioural task of causing effects in the world.  Turning the knobs and buttons in your manifest life.

Having worked through the resistances in your psyche, it is now about working through the resistances in your life.  Life will often react to you the same as it did before you changed.   It takes patience, knowing, and compassion to not allowholding space yourself to get pulled into the old drama.  You are now the wisdom keeper, holding the space for another to go through their change.  To take the hit from their wound and not react is one of the best gifts you can give somebody.

Saying this, sometimes after deep transformation, things do die out.  Just as old parts of yourself died out in your inner psychic healing, so will probably happen in your external life.  The push of your emerging self treecould radically redirect you into a new career, or into a new romantic relationship.  Careful caring discernment is needed to know what is dying out, versus what is in the process of transformation. Having the strength in the depth of your being to hold this tension, allowing something new to form.

Holistic integrated psychotherapy guides people into their depths in order to transform it into a beautiful life.

Future writing will talk specifically about how to know when the time is right to change from inner to outer.  Concrete examples of challenges will be illustrated, and what new skills can be learned in the process.  Best.

Published by Ken Walton

I am a psychotherapist, counsellor and yoga therapist working in Toronto. I help people uncover the obstacles that block their growth, helping people reach their full potential. Working together we can help you move through the difficulties of life, and discover a full and joyful future.

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