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Cropped PhotoPsychotherapy has connected me to my true potential.  It now provides me the ability, and compassion to be of service to your healing and growth.

Through much of my life I sought happiness through external achievements, in both academics and athletics.  I completed a post graduate degree and sailed competitively at the national level.   However, a deep sadness continued to live within the heart of my being.  Yet, psychotherapy provided me a new home.  I started to understand the depth of my pain, which connected me with the beauty of my true self.  While praise for external achievements provided fleeting happiness, healing the reality of my difficulties has connected me to a life full of joy and love.

Healing myself now allows me to be of service to your healing.  To guide you through your journey of change and growth.  I have a deep love for the human condition, and know that you can discover a beautiful life.  

Contact me to start your healing journey.  Really look forward to hearing from you.

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