I believe that recovering from emotional pain and healing mental illness requires a integrative and holistic approach that brings you into alignment with your body, mind and spirit. The tools I’ve learned in Psychotherapy – and on my own healing journey – have allowed me to embrace my emotions and connect deeply to the beauty of my authentic self.

For many years, I sought happiness through external praise and achievements. My success in sports and academics never seemed to produce any long-term joy and eventually I had to look deep within myself and explore the nature of my pain. Psychotherapy provided me with a new home that allowed me to connect fully to the beauty of my existence.

I am grateful that I have a career where I can help others embrace a more holistic and integrative approach to mental health and wellbeing. It would be my privilege to be your guide on your healing journey and to provide you with the tools, support and compassion you need to reach your full potential. Please call me to set up a consultation.