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Your Place of Healing and Growth
The Healing Journey

Holistic Successful Psychotherapy

Welcome to a place of healing and growth.  You have found yourself on the beginning of your healing path.

We will work together to evolve through your life’s challenges.  Whether it is emotional issues, relationship difficulties, or seeking the full potential of your being, this is the right therapy for you. You can let go of the pain, and discover a beautiful and loving existence.

Having gone through a number of life challenges myself, I know the success of this healing journey.  Your path of healing is really important, and you can discover a life full of beauty and joy.  A happy and meaningful existence.

Your journey will start with a consultation, as finding the right therapist is really important.  Email or phone to start on your healing path.  Great things start with a conversation.

Both individual and couples counselling in Toronto is offered, as well as Skype therapy for those living outside Toronto.

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